Share Your Story

Add your 2 cents to the discussion by submitting your personal stories along with a photo via email to: to be featured in an upcoming post.

Types of stories We’re Looking For:

  • Kanye put it best. We all have our weak “addicted to retail” moments when we lead with our pocketbooks/wallets instead of our good sense. The first step to recovery is admitting there’s a problem & sharing your story. Think of this as your support group, no one’s judging. Send in your tales of buyer’s remorse for some non-retail therapy.
  • Or maybe you’ve got the solution. Are you the ultimate bargain shopper, have a great DIY tip or found new ways to stretch a dollar? Then don’t be stingy! Share your wealth of knowledge with us.
  • Finally, this wouldn’t be a FAB site w/o the juicy inside tidbits. If you have some GOOD scoop that you’re just bursting to share but no one around you can fully appreciate it, then unload it on us! We’ll be just as giddy as you are. You have the option of remaining anonymous for these posts.

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