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Dear Nordies, Treasure & Bond = Epic Fail!

In Fashion, Society on August 29, 2011 at 11:17 am

It just breaks my heart that my glee over the opening of Nordstrom’s very first NYC store front left me despondent and downright dejected. Anyone who truly knows me knows about my love affair w/ Nordstrom. It started during my Chicago days when I lived only a block from the Mag Mile store on Michigan Ave. I spent so much time there that I’d be out & about around the city and salespeople would recognize me! They’d shout, “Hey, you’re the girl who’s always in the shoe department!” while I’d try to make myself invisible.

Anywho, now you understand why I was jumping for joy when I heard that Nordstrom was finally bringing the retail chain to the Big Apple under this hipster-chic name “Treasure & Bond.” However, what I found when I went to the store on its opening day on Aug. 19th left my mouth open & not for the right reasons. This sparse attempt for being “downtown cool” ain’t working. The store is full of overpriced unheard of designer bland frocks. I do have to give some props b/c Nordies is attempting a CSR initiative with the location by contributing profits to charity. However, since I highly doubt the store will be successful it’ll be a while, if ever, for charities to see some dollars.

I get it Nordies, you’re trying something new, but do that ish in the suburbs in the middle of nowhere. You only get one chance at a first impression & this isn’t a good look for the NYC market. I guess I’ll just have to stick to ordering online until I get back to a Nordies-friendly town.

If you’re in the NYC area & would like to form your own opinion then visit the store in SoHo @ 350 W. Broadway. Don’t tell them I sent you!

Meanwhile for my Nashvillians, Nordies is opening a REAL location there on Sept. 16th. Nordies is kicking things off with a big gala on Sept. 14th if you’re lucky enough to get an invite or can afford the ticket package which starts at $4,720! (Whew chile, that’s a Balenciaga bag!) There is a more economical ticket option for $100 per ticket in partnership with the Boys & Girls Club so I’ll give Nordies a break once again. 

Brides-to-Be: Channel Kim K. on Your Wedding Day

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For all of you bridezillas in the making, you can now steal recent bride Kim Kardashian’s Vera Wang wedding gowns for your walk down the aisle. Vera Wang is partnering with David’s Bridal to release affordable versions of Kim K’s fabulous bridal gowns. The dresses hit stores in Feb. 2012 & they’re sure to sell out! Each gown will retail for a very small fraction of Kim’s originals at $1,600 a pop. Hey, since you can’t be a Kardashian why not dress like one?


Rapper/Actor Kid Cudi Adds Fashion Designer to His Pursuit of Happiness

In Fashion, Society on August 17, 2011 at 12:13 pm

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a diehard fan borderline stan of Kid Cudi. I just saw him perform live during his June L.A. stop on the Cud Life tour & it was bananas! I spent an arm & a leg on tix in “the pit” (shout out to Barry’s Tickets) to rage along with the hipster crowd. It was worth every penny!

Now, Cudi oka Scott Mescudi is collaborating with Parisian retailer Surface to Air for the Sept. 8th opening of its NYC store. It’s no coincidence that the store is opening on the same day as the largest global fashion event, Fashion’s Night Out. The launch will also include the release of a Cudi video directed by Jeremie Rozan, founder of Surface to Air, in which the cast will don Kid Cudi’s leather motorcycle jacket design for the label. Talk about integrated marketing!

Sneak peek of vid & Cudi's $1,200 jacket design

Anywho, the NYC location will be located at 27 Mercer Street. I’m definitely adding it to my FNO schedule just in case there’s an appearance by Mr. Cudi.

Surface to Air Paris Flagship store

Don’t forget to check out Kid Cudi in Season 2 of HBO’s “How to Make it in America.” And…here’s his new video which is more like a short film (you HAVE to see the ending – SO DOPE!) for Colin Farrell’s new vampire remake “Fright Night” which hits screens across the U.S. this Friday…



3rd Annual Fashion’s Night Out Line-up Revealed

In Fashion, Society on August 15, 2011 at 3:30 pm

This year’s Fashion’s Night Out on Sept. 8th is expected to be even grandeur than the past two annual events to celebrate everything haute. The official roster of fab bashes, shopping & hobnobbing across the U.S. was just released here on the official FNO website. Be there or you’re SO last season.

YSL = Swagger Jacker? Team Louboutin!

In Breaking News!, Fashion on August 15, 2011 at 2:56 pm

The fashion world has been in a tizzy since uber-FAB shoe designer Christian Louboutin & luxe label Yves Saint Laurent headed to court to duke it out over Louboutin’s signature red-bottom designs.

Designer Christian Louboutin

If you’re not familiar with the Rolls Royce of Shoes known among fashionistas now simply as “Loubous” then you’ve obviously been living in & under a cave. It took me 2 years to save enough mad money, but I finally got my first pair of Open Lips (see pic below) on New Year’s Eve and I’ll be damned if someone infringes on this precious exclusive brand! Even if it is another high-end label like YSL. (Sidebar: I must confess that when I first got my Loubous I slept with them. I cuddled them in their shoe bag like a teddy bear. And now whenever I travel with them I put them in my purse. Crazy town, I know.)

My 1st Loubous

So let me back up. Here’s how the beef started…Back in April YSL’s Spring 2011 Collection included a red suede pump (I refuse to show the pic) which also features a red sole! *GASP!* Just blasphemous I tell you! So Mr. Louboutin himself filed court papers in NYC claiming that YSL infringed on the trademarked red bottoms. YSL was forced to halt production of the shoe until the case was closed. But now some judge, who probably thinks Men’s Warehouse is a high-end retailer, decided in a stunning turn of events ruled in favor of YSL! So what’s next? Will Payless come out with a version of red bottoms?! I say, “Not on our watch!” Let’s unite & do what’s right. There’s only ONE red-bottomed shoe & it’s signed none other than Christian Louboutin.

Bi-Coastal Barneys Warehouse Sale

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It’s going down from LA to NYC! The Barneys Warehouse Sale kicked off in the City of Angles this past Friday, but no worries Angelenos b/c there’s still 6 days left until the bargain party swaps coast for the NYC kickoff on Aug. 25th. For deets, click the image below. I hope to see you there New Yorkers, but please know that a major tug of war will ensue if you put your grubby hands on what’s mine. HAPPY SHOPPING!

LA & NYC Warehouse Sale Schedule