“A lifestyle guide to all things FABULOUS & how to indulge in them at a discount!”

For the love of designer labels/lifestyles people have been known to commit the 7 deadly sins:

  • They LUST after what they don’t need or in some cases don’t even want.
  • They GLUTTONIZE frivolous beauty & fashion myths.
  • They GREEDILY hoard overpriced trinkets and accessories.
  • They SLOTHFULLY follow the trend instead of being true to their own vision.
  • Their WRATH is felt by every unsuspecting victim that harm on their journey to amass more “trophies.”
  • They ENVY anything anyone else has.
  • They PRIDEFULLY flaunt and boasts their worthless material possessions.

But in the end the joke’s on them because they LIE to themselves about delusions of grandeur which KILLS their piggy banks and ROBS them of “the good life” that they were so desperately seeking.

This site is dedicated to helping you get La Bonne Vie (“the good life”) for a STEAL. In this cyberplace we’ll feed the love for luxuriousness that exists in all of us while also offering a healthy dose of reality and money-saving tips to prevent you from becoming a T.P.B.D. (Tired Penniless Brokedown Diva).


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