YSL = Swagger Jacker? Team Louboutin!

In Breaking News!, Fashion on August 15, 2011 at 2:56 pm

The fashion world has been in a tizzy since uber-FAB shoe designer Christian Louboutin & luxe label Yves Saint Laurent headed to court to duke it out over Louboutin’s signature red-bottom designs.

Designer Christian Louboutin

If you’re not familiar with the Rolls Royce of Shoes known among fashionistas now simply as “Loubous” then you’ve obviously been living in & under a cave. It took me 2 years to save enough mad money, but I finally got my first pair of Open Lips (see pic below) on New Year’s Eve and I’ll be damned if someone infringes on this precious exclusive brand! Even if it is another high-end label like YSL. (Sidebar: I must confess that when I first got my Loubous I slept with them. I cuddled them in their shoe bag like a teddy bear. And now whenever I travel with them I put them in my purse. Crazy town, I know.)

My 1st Loubous

So let me back up. Here’s how the beef started…Back in April YSL’s Spring 2011 Collection included a red suede pump (I refuse to show the pic) which also features a red sole! *GASP!* Just blasphemous I tell you! So Mr. Louboutin himself filed court papers in NYC claiming that YSL infringed on the trademarked red bottoms. YSL was forced to halt production of the shoe until the case was closed. But now some judge, who probably thinks Men’s Warehouse is a high-end retailer, decided in a stunning turn of events ruled in favor of YSL! So what’s next? Will Payless come out with a version of red bottoms?! I say, “Not on our watch!” Let’s unite & do what’s right. There’s only ONE red-bottomed shoe & it’s signed none other than Christian Louboutin.


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